It is important to clean your teeth multiple times a day especially if you are in orthodontic treatment with traditional braces or aligners. How do you do that when you are on the go you ask? We have made a list of some on the go must-haves for cleaning your teeth.

#1 Water: Its not always feasible to stop and brush your teeth after eating or drinking. After eating or drinking sugary beverages give your mouth a good thorough rinse with plain water. Water is easily and readily found, it is your friend, use it. Rinsing with water is not as good as brushing your teeth but it is better than letting food or beverage particles reside in your teeth, braces or aligners until you can brush.

#2 Toothbrush: Travel toothbrushes take up half the room of a normal toothbrush so it makes it easy to tuck away on the go. Even without toothpaste a toothbrush is beneficial to cleaning teeth, the brushing helps sweep away the particles left over from eating and drinking.

#3 Floss/Pick: Floss picks allow for you to get between the teeth and pick out food that may be stuck in the crevices of your teeth or braces.

#4 A Mirror: A pocket mirror can be helpful while cleaning your teeth on the go, whether you are brushing or using your floss pick, seeing what you are doing helps.  Hint; the camera on your smart phone can act as a mirror in times of need.

Bottom Line- Clean your teeth even on the go, so be prepared. Good oral hygiene is important in shaping your new smile.