Camelback Orthodontic Studio is excited to share two great changes that will make our valued patients appointments even more convenient. These two additional offerings for appointments are very important to us as we do everything possible to schedule around school hours. With that, here are the two additions.


For Tuesdays, we will now be open till 6:00pm which means we will have an extra hour of open appointments to offer our patients for their adjustments. As we constantly ask our patients for their feedback, this is one of the most popular requests.


Guess what the most popular request was? Saturday appointments. So the second benefit to our patients and future patients is that we will now be open a few Saturdays a months for your convenience.


Moving forward we will always be open to your suggestions so that we continue to be our communities most preferred Orthodontic provider. We look forward to hearing from you.



Your Camelback Orthodontic Studio Team